Wednesday, 26 September 2007

HotM #7 - the roundup


Sorry for letting you wait but I had to finish writing a review, what is really sad is that I haven't finished it still but I can hardly let you wait more can I? So here we go with the seventh roundup of the Heart of the Matter - eating for life. This month the theme was fruit and berries and we have a surprisingly varied menu here as you will see!

The first entry to arrive and the first I forgot was this Cherry-Orange Compote
from Jugalbandi, please forgive me for being so scatterbrained! It is a lovely fruit compote and they provide us with several really appetizing serving suggestions.

When I saw Amanda's Fresh Figs with Fleur de Sel, Aged Balsamic, & Hazelnuts over at Figs Olives Wine I brazenly asked her to submit it as an entry for this month's HotM, such goodness cannot be passed by, can it? Judge for yourselves, I'm sure you will agree with me!

Lakshmi from The 'yum' blog gives us a Plum Banana Spread that sounds really interesting and simple to make! And you can eat with bread and/or ice cream - I love versatile food!

This is a great fruit salad where Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen mix watermelon, pink grapefruit and raspberries to make a very fresh Red Fruit Salad I must say that I find the choice of fruit and berries very attractive!

Simona over at Briccole has made a brilliant salad in which she mixes pears, radicchio, baby spinach, and pecan nuts! I love it! And she gives us linguistic information as well...

My first entry was Grilled Chicken Breast with Fig & Balsamic Salsa

And then it was me again, this time with a Hot but Cold Fruit Soup with Walnuts, Cardamom and Coffee.

Blackberry Jam is the next on the list, Pravs of Simply Spicy gives us the recipe of a lovely jam using apple and lemon as natural pectin. I'm really sad that the blackberry season is over here but next year...

This is surely one of the most delicious recipes for tea that I have seen for a long time, Linda's of Make Life Sweeter entry is Vanilla Roibos Nectarine Ice Tea with basil in it! As soon as I find some Vanilla Roibos I'm making it!

My co-host Joanna from Joanna's Food gives us a recipe of a pastry dough without butter, talk about heart healthy. And then she filled it with plums, I think it looks beautiful! You can find her Butter-less pastry - & a fruit tart here.

This is the first time John from Hungry Again participate in an event and I am very flattered that he choose ours. His Peach and Pumpernickel Panzanella sounds really good, my father would have loved it, he was crazy about pumpernickel bread!

After a lot of sweet entries it's time for a savoury one, Maryanne presents this impressive Stuffed Baked Acorn Squash where she uses rice, orange, walnut and mint. It definitely worth to click over to Finding La Dolce Vita to check out the recipe.

Another beautiful salad, this time it is a Spinach-Strawberry-Almond Salad that Mansi of Food and Fun has made, it's so attractive! I'm getting hungrier and hungrier over here!

Will you be able to resist Mercede's Fish Baked with Pomegranate and Lime? I'm not sure I can especially as the pomegranate season is here but I'm not so sure I will find the loumi needed. You don't know what a loumi is? Check it out over at Desert Candy!

Christine of Christine Cooks always makes the most delicious things for the HotM, this time she has made a Peach Blackberry Crumble and as usual she has included a lot of useful information about what she has used!

Now Franz from reminded me of something I haven't eaten for eons, he presents us with Calf's heart with Balsamico and pearl onions, my mother and I used to feast on calf's heart when I still lived at home so I know that this is delicious! Just remember to substitute the butter with heart healthy oil!

Over at Vanielje Kitchen you not only find a lovely breakfast suggestion with Pomegranate seeds, you are also entertained with the story of Persephone, could you ask for more?

Last but not the least we have Aagje's Stewed pears with star anise and cardamom, they are simmered slowly for at least 2 hours and this incredible and simple dish can be eaten as a dessert or why not as a condiment? I just have to tell you to go to Leafy Cooking to check out Aagje's new kitchen, I turn green of envy over here every time I think about the window corner...


There's no need to throw yourself at my mercy Jeanne, I'm more than happy to include your lovely Gingery Baked Nectarines even if you missed the deadline! Steer over to Cook Sister! to get the recipe, it's worth it.

So this is it, I think we have a wonderful and inspiring collection of heart healthy recipes here and I thank all of you for participating! Next month it's Joanna's turn to host so keep your eyes open for her announcement!

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Just got to your blog off a link at Fun n Food...must say I've enjoyed reading it. Wish I'd got here earlier, but as they say, better late than never.