Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Heart of the Matter-the Flower Roundup

It is time for the Heart of the Matter roundup. This month's theme Flowers was not the easiest but I have a beautiful little bouquet here to present you with. I am so impressed by all the entries, you have taken such care of both of recipes and presentations - Thank You!

First we have
Jugalbandi's incredible Sagz-to-Sexy Smoothie, Bee wanted to call it a liquid salad but was afraid it sounded disgusting but I don't agree, I love the idea of drinking my salad especially if it tastes as good as this one does, especially after the addition of rose water!

Then we have Soma's of
eCurry whose Saffron Yogurt Mousse with Rose Petal Honey is not only beautiful to look at but she also has taken care of making it healthy too! And it looks so romatic that even I, a hardened soul, just melt when I look at it!

Yasmeen of
Health Nut offers us these Wholesome Qatayef (Middle Eastern Stuffed Pancakes) With Orange Blossom Syrup, an incredible treat that really expands our Western notion about filling pancakes- a must to try!

Zabeena from
A Lot On My Plate has created the most beautiful edible flower I have ever seen! And it is not only beautiful to look at, it is filled with treasures to discover-I just love this creative idea and I am sure it will find its way onto many tables!

Hibiscus-Ginger Cooler, doesn't that sound perfect now when the days are getting warmer? Not that I need that excuse to drink my co-host's Michelle of
The Accidental Scientist lovely entry. I am just a bit (read a lot) envious of her living in Hawaii...

I made a Sweet Saffron Risotto With Strawberry Syrup made with rice milk.

This is it, a small but beautiful gathering of flowers, I hope you feel inspired to try out the recipes!

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Anonymous said...

Great little update! Impressed with the entries. Was at a loss with the theme, rosemary flowers were the only thing growing come early April, but alas, too late (response in Twitter-style-are we all going haiku these days?).

Michelle said...

WOW! What a beautiful array of entries!!! I'm thoroughly impressed with everyone's creativeness and also amazing presentations!

Telephone Triage said...

Great entries and enthusiastic participation...and good entertainment and learning for us as well.