Tuesday, 13 March 2007

If you want to use the HotM logo in your post you are welcome to lift it!

Here you have the current logo for the Heart of the Matter - eating for life event in two different sizes so that you can use the one you feel like!


Joanna said...

Great logos, Ilva ... I'm putting one on my blog


doodles said...

I snagged one too great idea....thanks

Helene said...

Hello Ilva, I´ve tried to include the little logo into java html script to show up on the sidebar, but it doesn´t work. Can you please give me a clue? Thanks! :)

Ilva said...

Oh Helene, I'm not the best person to ask but if you want I can send the logo to you by email. Do you have the new blogger layout, then it's impossible I think, at least I haven't been able to do add it into the sidebar here on this blog. Lucullian has the old template so it works.

Helene said...

Hello Ilva,
yes, the new template. But I succeeded in including WHB Logo, so I´m a bit puzzled. Thanks anyway! :)