Monday, 26 March 2007

Roundup #1


In the beginning of the month Joanna and I announced a new event called The Heart of the Matter- eating for life that concentrates on promoting food that is good for your heart. We all need to think about this, it doesn't really matter whether we are young or old, sooner or later bad eating habits catch up with you but unfortunately we often realize this when it's too late. Now personally I don't have this problem, nor does anyone in my family but I still think it's important to at least try to think ahead in order to avoid it. If possible. But rigidity doesn't make anyone happier does it? I can't say that I always eat heart friendly, now and then I just have to splash out on something unhealthy but the good thing is that I don't feel too bad about it because it's not something that I eat all the time. Anyway here I am with the first round up that is going straight to The Heart of the Matter blog where all the roundups are going to end up so that we all can go there when we need some new recipes or ideas for heart friendly food. Next month it's Joanna's turn to do the roundup and I can already tell you that theme is going to be desserts so start thinking now about low fat desserts, I have already a lot of ideas. And please tell me if you don't want your photo to appear here or if there is something wrong with the links.

The first to send me a link to her HotM post was Sally from The Tip of the Iceberg who came up with these wonderful spicy Party Shrimps that I'm sure will make their way to many buffet tables this spring and summer!

Then came Doodles from
Peanut Butter Etouffe with
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus served with Pita Bread Crackers. I have to say that the addition of red peppers really makes this an interesting dish!

Over at Mele Cotte Chris made these pretty Sweet Potato Bundles and if that wasn't enough, she even gives us a one by one picture story of how to make them!
And she even gives us dip recipes! Thanks Chris!

Lydia of My Kitchen, a food blog that is new to me, sent me this wonderful post with Vietnamese Spring Rolls, they look both healthy and fresh, really inviting me to take a bite!

Tanna of The Half Cup who every day delights me with her comments has even made two posts for the event, first out was a great way to 'cheat' with cheese, with the help of a neighbour Tanna has discovered a way to make cheese a possible heart friendly food item and as that wasn't enough, she also came up with a Fat Free Guacamole version!

I really appreciate my friend Kalyn's of Kalyn's Kitchen entry because I know how busy she is and I know that you too will like her Heart-Healthy Shrimp Dip served with Veggie Dippers which both looks and sounds great!

I discovered a new food blog when Allen from Eating Out Loud sent me his entry, a fantastic Heart Healthy Fava Dip. Allen started to think about what he was eating after his father had an emergency bypass operation and he proves that eating healthy is both good and easy. (No photo because I don't dare to use the one Allen uses so now you just have to go and take a look at it yourself!)

Sher from What Did You Eat has come up with these enticing Spiced Walnuts, the only problem is that if I make these I won't be able to stop! I love walnuts and these are a little spicey and a little hot...

Anh's has the food blog A Food Lover's Journey and her weakness for Japanese food is our gain as her entry here is Sesame Miso Tofu & Eggplant Skewers that look really very very good! And perfect on a buffet table for example (if they manage to reach it...).

And yet another food blog that is new to me: Mostly Eating is the creation of Sophie who works as a dietist (thus adding even more credibility to this event!) and she not only gives us the recipe for Bambuddha Leaves: Heart friendly finger food with asian pesto but also explainst which type of fat we should go for when we want to eat heart friendly food! Thanks!

Alanna of A Veggie Venture claims that appetizers aren't her strong point but after seein g this entry I don't believe her! Her Green Chutney is not only good, it's versatile as well! And please notice how elegantly the cat's tail echoes the lines of the bowl in the background of the photo!

Helena from the bilingual food blog
Neues aus der K├╝che / News from the kitchen has made
Dwarfs´bags, I can't see the photos on her blog today but I did last week and i can tell you that they are really pretty and when you see what she has put into them, you get hungry, I promise!

I discovered a completely new vegetable(?) over at Janelle's new blog brown bag blues where she gives us an interesting serving suggestion for it: the juice on jicima. I better get out and start looking for some jicima...

My fellow eventer Joanna came up with three entries, one better than the other. first out was her Hearty oatcakes with smoked trout pate, and then she posted about Carrot Bites which was followed by Kale salsa, all three of them perfect finger food and lovely to look at even though she claims to not being good at finger food presentation!

And I made Miniature Farro and Poppy Seed Cup Cakes, Quinoa Crackers With Avocado and Smoked Tuna, Simple Strawberry Serving Suggestion: Ginger and Honey Marinade and Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Miniature Chicken Rolls with Capers.

So, now it's done! Great entries and I would like to thank all of the participants for caring enough and for taking the time to participate in the first The Heart of the Matter-eating for life round, I have really enjoyed reading all your entries and seeing all these great recipes. So start thinking about heart healthy desserts, send as many entries you want to Joanna who is doing the roundup and remember that the last day is 22 of April!


Doodles said...

What a great roundup Ilva....can't wait to peruse

Helene said...

What a gret round up, and all these beautiful photos. By the way, I reloaded mine, so you can see what I made. Somehow blogger swallowed them. ;( I don´t why??
If there´s any of you who succeeded in implementing the logo into new blogger, please let me know!! :))