Monday, 2 April 2007

Calling all pudding-makers! HOTM 2

Now that April's here, it's time to announce the second round of Heart of the Matter, after all your fabulous finger food creations. This time, it's puddings.

It might seem as if there's something inherently contradictory about healthy desserts, as a lot of the point of pudding is self-indulgence. But indulgence doesn't have to come laden with saturated fat - think of a meringue or pavlova with raspberries and a dollop of 0% Greek yoghurt (I love that little sharpness, so much nicer than the sickly sweetness of cream). Great for a party. What about a plate of sliced oranges with a crunchy caramel thrown over the top? Or a fruit salad strewn with passionfruit seeds?

As you'll see from those ideas, fruit features large in my pudding ideas. But, like lots of cooks, I'm stuck in a rut ... so I'm longing to hear all your ideas - it's always seemed to me that food bloggers are at their most enthusiastic when it's puds and baking.

The last day to send me (joannacary AT ukonline DOT co DOT uk) your entry is Sunday 22nd April. Please remember to link here, and that we want only one-event entries. And I'll post the roundup here and on the Heart of the Matter website later that week. I'll look forward to hearing from you ...


Doodles said...

OK HOTM CEO's we underlings need a clarification of the dessert please.

Is the entry to be JUST pudding or ANY healthy dessert?

Ilva said...

Any healthy dessert, it's just the British way of saying dessert!