Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Heart of the Matter #3-the announcement

So here we go again: the third announcement of The Heart of the Matter and this month's theme is pasta. Simple and something we eat a lot of already so invent a new dish or post an old favourite, the criteria here is that it is heart healthy, it has to be low on animal fats so try to forget about butter and cream and fat cheeses and go for lean meat, vegetables, nuts and grains. I think that this month's theme must be one of the easiest ones for making a heart healthy dish actually because pasta is such a great canvas to paint on and I really hope that this month I will see a lot of new participants so all of you who have so far been a bit intimidated by the themes or by the fact that you have to follow certain 'rules', this time you can't fail, with for example pasta, vegetables and olive oil you just can't go wrong. If you feel uncertain about ingredients, check out Joanna's list here or the links here on The Heart of the Matter blog. Remember that you are doing yourself a great favour when you eat heart healthy food and if you participate in the HotM you do the whole community a favour because all the roundups are collected here at the HotM blog so that it in the end becomes a permanent recipe base to go where you need inspiration for your heart healthy cooking. I have already started and here's my first entry to The Heart of the Matter. You can send me as many entries you want, just remember to link to Lucullian Delights or to the HotM blog so that your readers can see what it's all about in case they are interested and that we want one event entries. This time the roundup will be at Lucullian (and here of course) so please send the link to your entry to me at i_beretta AT yahoo DOT it, the last day is the 22 of May so you have plenty of time to come up with nice pasta dishes (n.b. the plural ending).

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Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I've sent a link to my in-laws for both your food blogs. My father in law had major heart surgery 2 years ago. Thankfully before anything major happened. Great idea!