Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Pyramid plan for healthy eating

I originally posted this at Joanna's Food, but I'm putting it here too to spur you all on in thinking about heart-healthy pasta dishes for Heart of the Matter 3 ...

Until recently, health departments displayed a healthy eating plan using a pyramid: the base showed complex carbs - bread, pasta, cereals, pulses, rice; next, fruit and veg; then protein, divided into meat/fish, and dairy products; the tip - meaning only tiny daily amounts - represented fats and oils.

The pyramid was largely aimed at reducing consumption of fats, and it was influential in achieving a reduction. But since it was introduced in 1992, our understanding of the role of fats in the diet has hugely increased - we now know that there are two types of cholesterol, and that just cutting out fat and replacing them with carbs doesn't really cut the mustard, your diet needs to include some types of oils which boost "good" cholesterol - olive oil, oily fish.

And so the pyramid has been revised. It doesn't have quite the same graphic simplicity, so instead, the US department of agriculture has a website - Steps to a healthier you - which will help you to find the healthiest diet for you, depending on your own circumstances. Once you've got your healthy diet guidelines, there are tips to help you achieve it ("inside the pyramid").

Definitely worth visiting.


kebrunella said...

Hi, I just found your blog and decided to take part and, since I'm Italian and eat pasta every day...it shouldn't be too difficult! Plus I have always tried to eat following these simple rules. This is a really nice "challenge". I have put the The Heart of the Matter pic on my blog, linking to this one...hope you don't mind! See you soon!

lorenzothellama said...

Just found your blog site. Really interesting.
I gave up eating meat years ago, but even now the smell of bacon cooking makes my mouth water. I have found a really good substitute bacon, almost as good as the real thing. I do eat fish regularly so I am not really a vegetarian.
My father died aged 53 from a massive heart attack so we have always been a bit picky about what to eat. If only he knew now what we know.
I make a lot of tapenade, but make it different each time adding other things to the basic black olives, garlic and olive oil.
Keep up your good work, and please feel free to visit my site.