Friday, 25 May 2007

The Heart of the Matter #3: Pasta - The Roundup


This months HotM theme was heart healthy pasta and I somehow knew that we would have quite a few delicious entries coming in. There are all sort of pasta dishes to choose from and it's really nice to see so many new participants, I have even discovered new food blogs this time and that is the way it should be in this type of events, not only does it enrich your choice of recipes but also enrich your food blog reading list (as if it wasn't too long already). I better get started because the list of entries is long and life is short but I just want to thank all of you who have participated in this month's HotM and I hope that you will continue to do it!
We need to look after our hearts to different degrees, some of us have to be more careful with what we eat while others just want to eat healthy in general or because their family history urges them to do it and because of our different needs you have to adapt these dishes yourself. Some of them includes cheese which is not the best to eat for people who want to exclude animal fats but then it's up to you to exclude it or maybe use less of it.

These are the entries in the order of arrival (i.e. the order in which I received them):

First of all was Joanna from Joanna's food, she was so quick that she didn't even have the time to take a photo of her Pasta con le sarde before it was all gone! Sardines are really good for the heart and so is her pasta dish!

Next it was me with Bell pepper and basil pasta, a really simple dish to make.

Next we have The Rosy Pescetarian who presents us with a very nice green Spinach Papardelle with Tuscan Kale, created from her finds at the Farmer's Market.

Aagje from Leafy Cooking who has come up with a super healthy Pasta with whipped up tomato sauce and ground almonds instead of cheese that sounds really tasty!

Sophie from Mostly Eating is back, this time she has made a Fennel and Tomato Lasagne and as she is a dietis, she even provides us with a lot of information about it!

Next entry to arrive came from my Swedish food blogging friend Anne from Anne's Food whose Pasta with Avocado & Cashew Pesto surely will find its way onto many tables.

The Heart Healthy Pasta with Quick Tomato Sauce from Christine of Christine Cooks sounds like a really savoury dish because she uses fire roasted tomatoes, you better check it out for yourselves.

Joanna posted another recipe, this time it was for Superquick noodles for lunch and I asked her to make it an entry for the HotM even though she wasn't sure if noodles could be considered pasta. Well, I do consider it as pasta, not Italian but technically it's pasta so here it is. But they really must be hungry in that house because there is not photo this time either...

When I saw Laura's recipe of Linguine with Purple Sprouting Broccoli over at EAT DRINK LIVE I just had to ask her to submit it for the HotM, especially as we both share a love for really good balsamic vinegar!

I posted a recipe with Anaheim Peppers, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Pin nuts.

Over at Mele Cotte Chris went shopping at the Farmer's market and went home to make a luscious Lamb Shoulder w/ Herb Tagliatelle in Roma Tomato Sauce that definitely is worth taking a look at!

Lisa who has the vegetarian blog Lisa's Kitchen was felt inspired and made a very nice looking Penne with Fennel, Tomato and Blue Cheese so click over and get inspired.

An very intriguing Wild garlic mustard pesto for the heart is what Annie of Bon Appegeek has beeing cooking up for this month's theme, I just wish I could find wild garlic
because it sounds so good!

Amy of Nook & Pantry has been cooking up Pasta Puttanesca especially for the HotM and she sure has been doing it well! Check it out!

I really like grilled vegetables and I'm happy to include The Left Over Queen's recipe for Whole Wheat Pasta With Grilled Vegetables in this roundup!

We can even offer you heart healthy a creamy pasta sauce, Honeybee from Beurre et pain has made Pasta with mixed mushrooms, greek yoghurt and herbs that is really tempting!

Mooncrazy over at Peanut Butter Etouffee gives us the recipe to a pasta dish she and her sister Doodles 'forced' their mother to make when they visited home, Pasta with mushrooms, check it out, maybe your mother made it too!

A very different pasta recipe comes from Jugalbandi who have (they are two) submitted their Pasta with Black Bean-Chipotle Salsa, a dish full of healthiness to be tried!

Despite being on the road in search for adventures, Doodles of Peanut Butter Etouffee has posted a sketch of a filling pasta salad to make. If you are not sure about which type of oil your bought in a bottle dressing has, you make one of your own!

Joanna and I obviously get so excited about each challenge that we can't resist coming up with several entries for the event (you can do that too) and this third and last pasta dish by Joanna (this time with a photo!) sounds really tasty: Mushroom and tarragon sauce for pasta!

Over at One Hot Stove Nupur has been cooking up a delicious pasta dish with lentils, tomatoes and argula that looks lovely, do take a look at her Hearty Heart-Lovin' Pasta.

Lorraine has entered a really simple to make yet delicious Penne al tonno e limone or Penne with tuna and lemon that is well worth checking out! Over at her blog Italian Foodies you find Italian food a gogo!

We have another Indian entry, this time it's from Live To Cook who has made a comforting bowl of Slow cooker Dhal Pasta for us, spicy and full of flavours!

My last entry was Pasta with Carrots, Onion, Thyme and Pine nuts.

Tanna is leaving for Austria in a couple of days but that didn't prevent her from making a really good Roasted Tomato Sauce for Pasta for us that I hope you will take a closer look at over at My Kitchen In Half Cups. (Sorry, I couldn't upload your photo)

Over at Definitely Not Martha you will find a really interesting recipe for mango chicken madness that looks soo good! Take a look for yourselves.

A round up of pasta dishes wouldn't be complete without an Italian entry, Kebrunella has cooked up some Orecchiette con pate' d'olive e carciofi al profumo di salmone affumicato, pasta with olive paste, artichokes and smoked salmon that should be tried!

And to conclude, I 'forced' the two Italian friends of Cuoche dell'altro mondo to participate with their Organic Whole wheat spaghetti with a pesto of oil, garlic, basil, fennel and sesame seeds because I didn't want you to miss it!

So many entries this time and if I have made a mess with links or photos, please tell me! And if you don't want me to include your photo, please tell me and I will remove it!
Next month's theme will be revealed by Joanna over at Joanna's Food and here in the next couple of days because this time it's her turn to hold the reins!


Joanna said...

Hi Ilva, fabulous round-up ... what a fantastic lot of great cooking, great new things to try - and wonderful new blogs to read ... great start to my day!

Can't wait for the next round, which I'll announce in a day or two


Nupur said...

Thanks for a wonderful round-up, Ilva! I see so many great ideas here...this collection is very helpful.

bee said...

Thank you for hosting this event. It was fun participating and this round-up has been bookmarked for all its recipes and tips. - Jai

Doodles said...

wow!!! good to see sooooo many participants. I am a dope and forgot the pic. Good job Ilva...thanks

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Great event and sooooo well hosted!! Look forward to the next one!!

kebrunella said...

Hi Ilva and thanks for this nice idea you two came up with. It sure was a lot of fun participating and I'm definitely looking forward to the next round! And now I'll be looking at all these recipes...

Christine said...

So many wonderful pasta dishes to try! So many wonderful blogs to discover! And all so good for healthy hearts and healthy eating. Thank you, Joanna and Ilva, for bringing heart-healthy eating to the forefront.

lorenzothellama said...

You can get wild garlic in most damp, woody places in UK, but I've never been brave enough to try it since someone once told me it was poisonous and I believed them! I think it was a wind up, but am not brave enough to call their bluff! Thanks for all the recipe ideas.

Maria Helene Schlösser said...

Thanks for this tremendous round up. I missed to join, but I´ll be back next time. What delicious recipes you collected. I have to read them closely, and I´m sure I´ll find more than one to be attached to my favorites list.

Beth said...

currently your recipe is called pasta with anaheim peppers, fresh tomatoes, basil and pin nuts. i'm assuming you mean pine nuts :)

Wendy said...

Wow! So many recipes! It's a good thing my holidays start soon. Going to need some time to try all the recipes that have caught my eye.
Thank you!