Thursday, 20 March 2008

Party time - HOTM #13, the roundup

So here it is, the roundup for this month's HotM, or should I call it the party menu for HotM's first birthday? I'll keep it short because I want to post it in time for your Easter shopping in case you find some dishes that you want to make for your Easter meals! But first of all we, me, Joanna and Michelle want to thank all of you who have contributed to HotM during this first year, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be celebrating today! Thanks!

Starters and finger food:

We have a wonderful Roasted Garlic Hummus to dip our vegetables in or to spread on our crackers, it is Kevin from Closet Cooking who has made it for us!

These little beautiful Spinach Party Balls With Lime are created by Lore from Natural Cuisine, they are just perfect for our party are they not?

Mansi of Fun and Food has brought the prettiest Vegetable Bread Baskets,

I added another dip: Eggplant Dip with Chikpeas and Hazelnuts.

Main course:

Sarah of What Smells So Good has made a tasty tomato soup called Blackened Tomato Soup, you start with the tomatoes in the oven which means that the soup must be a concentrate of good flavours! She also kind enough to provide us a list of its nutritious values.

Aagje, from Leafy Cooking, is bringing Chicken laarb or laarb gai (Thai or Lao salad with chicken) to the party, a recipe she has got her cousin who came come from Indonesia. Fresh and appetizing!

Next to this we have Ann's classic Cannellini Bean Salad, healthy and ever so versatile dish, check out her serving suggestions over at Redacted Recipes!

Our faithful contributors Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi has brought Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Keow Wan), I love hot food so I know what I will add to my already full plate!

The inclusion of these Deep Fried Nori Shrimps might surprise you and I did confer with Joanna before accepting them for two reasons: one is that not all of us have 'ongoing' heart problems and if you follow the directions how do deep fry over at teczcape-an escape to Food you will see that you can do it in a healthy way. The second reason is that this just sounds too good not to be on this party table!

Spring Green Rice & Herb Salad, doesn't it look good? And healthy? It's LisaRene who brought it for us! Check out her recipe over at Little Bits!

And hurry up to get some of this Thyme-Braised Lentils with Petimezi and Pan-Fried Salmon from Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska, I'm sure it wont last long!

I brought a Cauliflower Salad with Tomatos, Basil and Capers as well.

Desserts and sweets:

This party wouldn't be a party without Joanna, she is a big part of the success of the HotM event! She has made Pistachio marzipan and gives us suggestions on how to use it over at Joanna's Food!

And then we have Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe who has managed to make us heart healthy Spring Chocolate Brownies, I love it! Thanks!

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Joanna said...

Great round up, Ilva, lots of lovely things to try this weekend, I'm just about to sit down and write a shopping list, so I'll read these posts first to get some ideas

Thanks for sharing, everyone!


Michelle said...

What a fabulous round-up, Ilva! I love how you set it at the party itself - I found lots of wonderful things to put on my own plate! I can't wait to try several of these recipes in my new home when my life settles down and I have my pans back for cooking!!

Johanna said...

thanks Ilva - lovely party - have had a wonderful time browsing the buffet and what great company :-)

Lore said...

Ilva thanks for hosting this event! I really had a bunch of fun :)
Happy Easter everyone! Do not forget to sprinkle with bright spring sunlight.

tigerfish said...

Thanks for the round up :D

bee said...

thank you, dear ilva.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna, Michelle and Ilva, are there any new ideas for HotM 14? I have a suggestion: Springtime dishes. With the use of products typical of Spring. with best wishes.