Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Join The Party-June's HotM Roundup!

It's time for the HotM roundup, June's theme was The Best of June's Produce and we have got quite a few great entries as you can see. I will get going straight away, today is going to be one of those busy (and hot) days and people are beginning to trickle in so join the party, there's room for each and every one of you and the buffet table is full of food!

Murasaki Shikibu from Samurai Viking Cuisine who has made a refreshing and light Frozen Melon Smoothie for us to sip while we wait for every one to arrive! Easy to drink and even easier when you know it is good for you!

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen has made a lovely Aspargus Pesto Rice, elegant and full of flavours. Personally I really like the asparagus-pesto combination so this is going to find its way to my plate!

Fish is so good for your heart and Labelga from Leafy Cooking has brought an incredible little salad-Young Herrin and Fresh Pea Salad that brings you goodness both for your tastebuds and your body!

Spelt berry, asparagus, and strawberry salad, doesn't that sound good? It is Katie of Eat This who has prepared this lovely summery dish and I'm sure there's enough for all of us!

Soma from eCurry has made an incredible Farinata with Grilled Vegetables and how can I resist that? I will try to leave some for you too! Maybe...

Mango Madness, an irresistible name for a mango salsa, Aparna the cook in My Diverse Kitchen has made this fresh dish and also gives us suggestions to what it is good to pair it with.

Why don't you take some of Marla's of Bella Baita View's tasty Italian Style Quinoa Salad, be quick because I have a feeling it will finish soon, I saw a lot of guests queing up for it!

But leave some space for my good friend and co-host Michelle's, The Accidental Scientist, Lemony Summer Pasta Salad, it is packed with hearty goodness!

And there is more to eat, Sandeepa brought Methi Rice or Rice with Fenugreek Greens from Bong Mom's CookBook, healthy and full of interesting flavours!

And now it is time for the sweets and desserts: we have a Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie which ingeniously uses Tapioca pearls in the filling. It is Deborah of Pure Mothers who has baked it for us!

Are you thirsty? Curry Leaf from Experiments, Emotions, Experiences with food has made us a fantastic Mango Pineapple Agua Fresca to refresh us with, after all this food we need that!

And how will you be able to resist to nibble on Yasmeen from Health Nut's incredible Blueberry Almond Butter-Oats Bars? I am sure that I will even though all this food has made full!

I brought Sweet Mint Couscous With Summer Berrie and Basil Sugar for us!

Now we have eaten and eaten well so this is the time to relax, chat and enjoy each others company - Thank You for joying the party. I hope to see you here soon again!

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Aparna said...

This has to be one great party. Happy to be a part of it.
Just anted to say that my name has been mis-spelt (I can understand this). It is spelt Aparna. :)

Ilva said...

So sorry Aparna, I have corrected it now! I know very well what your name is but I was in a real hurry this morning to get it done before I had to go out so my fingers obviously waltzed away on their own!

Soma said...

Great Roundup!

Curry Leaf said...

Great Round up and waiting for the next theme

Michelle said...

Wow! Wonderful entries and delicious food all around! I just hope I don't have a food hangover tomorrow after the party!

Bong Mom said...

Lovely round up :)